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Bob Zamida

Canadian Producer who works with several local groups and independent artists. Sessions are cost effective for artists looking to tap streaming service algorithims. Around 100 songs publlished in multiple catalogs. 300+ productions planned for 2023 @ Bob Zamida

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Originally from Toronto, independent artist with incredible vocal control & range. Well established dedicated fanbase. Excellent song structure, consistent natural sound with light autotune. Artist updates @ MOVE$

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Talented artist, gifted freestyle game. Clear high pitch vibrato. Focuses on unique original sound which complements his brand. Technical artist who enjoys working solo or directly with engineer on masters. Drops regular releases @ LawwShdw

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CoonumRudy @ Everything Rude


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Cofounder of Everything Rude Entertainment who is the source of inspiration for many of our core members. Contact core members for donations or mail. Tag #FREERUDY in your social media.

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