2022 Official Launch - Website Overhaul, New Music

2022 Official Launch - Website Overhaul, New Music

As many of you may have seen on international news - we have a lot going on in Ontario right now. We are currently in the process of adding dozens of new products and overhauling our digital services section.

Official business launch will be 2022-02-22, keep your eyes peeled for new music from from celebs & underground artists. This date is symbolic and was picked for a reason. A spiritual battle has been happening behind the scenes in LA. Learn more about who Stanley Kubrick was & why he made Eyes Wide Shut.

2022 will bring many blessings for those who have been patient. Strengthen your resolve, hyper inflation is coming. The age of social entrepreneurship is just beginning. Awareness is Intelligence. -Bhagwan 

Love to all my supporters & people who have stuck with me through the fire.


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