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Beauty By Design Drop

Soundscape of mixed emotions captured across 7 tracks. This is my recent pain, frustrations and achievements.Drops Sept 27th @ Bob Zamida on All PlatformsIn business you should never chase money. Build leverage and opportunities will come. Thanks for the support. Appreciate everyone.

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Production is our only focus. Grow your brand, cost effectively, in one place. Our team can bring brand to life with high quality one of a kind content. Our small creative team works in parallel to manifest your dreams into reality. Contact us to discuss your project.

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    Stream Platforms use sound quality and loudness as a key variable in determining how you rank in their algorithm. Our team can record and master tracks which rank and gain organic traction.

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    The visual aspect of your projects can be the most important aspect of your creative works. We produce vizualizers, music videos, cover photos and professional photos for marketing purposes.

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    Merchandise can be utilized to help market your brand and build a long term connection with your audience

    We create unique one of a kind products with high conversion rates.

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Production Company Founded by Bob Zamida & Associates in 2018. Our primary focus is Hip Hop vocal production. We use a combination of tools & equipment to create mainly auto tuned music for a number of local musicians and groups. Check our New Releases page for recent drops from our Studio.